– WWE referee Brad Maddox, who will be wrestling Ryback on RAW for a chance to earn a $1 million WWE contract, says his training will be documented on WWE.com:

“If you want to see what the daily routine that leads to beating @Ryback22 on Raw looks like then stay tuned on http://wwe.com”

“@Ryback22 needs to find a diet thats suitable for him. I think he’s carb depleted. I know that always makes me grumpy”

– MMA heavyweight John Shaddock told ProMMANow.com that he wants to be the next man to fight former WWE superstar Batista (1-0).

– Jack Swagger, who is currently off television, continues to wrestle WWE live events and picked up another win over Ted DiBiase picked up a win over Ted DiBiase at last night’s live event in Lisbon, Portugal.

Swagger is sporting a new look (long, slicked back hair) and is expected to be repackaged & brought back later this year with a strong push.

* PICTURE of JACK SWAGGER’s New Look (Long, Slicked Back Hair)