Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont—who handily won the Democratic Party primary in his state on Tuesday night even though he will continue to run as an Independent—appeared on CBS This Morning on Wednesday where he described the Republican Party under President Donald Trump as “bankrupt intellectually” and urged Democratic leaders to recognize that the future of their party is its energized, progressive wing and with candidates running on bold policies like Medicare for All, tuition-free college, a $15 minimum wage, and an end to corporate rule.

“What I’m seeing, is all across this country people are saying they want a government that represents all of us, not just the billionaire class and wealthy campaign contributors,”  Sanders said, when asked about recent primary results—including big wins on Tuesday for left-wing candidates in multiple states.

Citing the excitement and the number of political newcomers—and notably women, people of color, and young people—who are throwing their hat in the political ring for the first time on behalf the Democratic Party is a phenomenon that must be embraced, Sanders continued.

“What the Democrats need to do,” he said, “is excite people – get young people, working people to the polls. If they do that, I think we’re going to be just fine.”