— According to Mike Johnson of pwinsider.com, the finish of the Universal title match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns was indeed the planned finish from the beginning. It’s unclear whether this is simply referring to Lesnar winning the match or having the “controversy” that Reigns’ feet actually touched the floor first, but it’s possible that will be a source of an angle on Monday’s Raw.

— Despite online reports suggesting that Aiden English suffered a legitimate neck injury after receiving a Tombstone from the Undertaker, backstage English was said to be fine. After he was removed from the casket, he apparently sold his injury so well that those in attendance actually believed he was truly hurt.

— Hornswoggle was originally booked to compete in a singles match against Robbie Araujo, who has wrestled for WWE before as well. Araujo was also flown in to Saudi Arabia but after the match was scrapped, he had no role and so wasn’t used in any capacity.

— Some of the backstage interviews – such as with Chris Jericho – were not shown to the live audience as that is when the action stopped for a “prayer break.”