– WWE announced on Friday that suite-level seats are now available for WrestleMania 29 at Met Life Stadium. For more information, click here.

– In case you were wondering if a romantic relationship could ever blossom between AJ Lee & Big E Langston, it’s safe to say that probably won’t ever happen. AJ Lee tweeted on Thursday:

Once you start antiquing, you cannot stop antiquing. In other news, I am certainly going to die alone.

Big E Langston responded:

@WWEAJLee Don’t worry, Miss AJ. I plan on awkwardly lurking in the background for years to come. #LifeInTheFriendZone

AJ then fired back with the most unflattering thing a hot girl could ever say to one of her guy friends –

@BigELangston You’re like a sister to me.

* PICTURE of CM PUNK & AL BUNDY Training Jiu-Jitsu – YES! YES!