Brian Jossie, who portrayed A.W. for WWE before his contract was terminated last month, renewed his Twitter diatribes toward his former employer Sunday night after Brodus Clay’s dancer Cameron was reportedly suspended for 15 days for her Aug. 24 arrest for driving under the influence, subsequent attempt to bribe the arresting officer and then not informing organization officials of her offense. He once again accuses WWE of applying a double standard between him and other talents who made ill-advised moves.

Jossie re-tweeted messages stating, “So a dancer in the WWE gets a DUI and is suspended by the WWE for only 15 days while @BJRatedR gets fired for speaking his mind, etc. #BS” and “AW gets fired for dated joke, Cameron gets 15 days for drink driving and attempted bribery. #loljustice.”

He added, “As I said before @WWE allows you to disgrace other countries flag, have DUI’s, smoke marijuana, and do steroids but you can’t speak ur mind!”

Jossie wound up in WWE’s doghouse after making an Kobe Bryant rape joke during a live Raw broadcast on July 30. However, he clarified that it was a post from his Twitter account telling his social media followers to support Linda McMahon for U.S. Senate that ultimately led to his firing.

“To those who don’t know I was fired for tweeting “Support Linda” I also tweeted “VoteOrDie4Linda” Vince didn’t get it,” he says. “Linda Mac’s campaign is pretty important. Vince has spent alot of your money on his wife. The @WWE superstars aren’t getting the $, ask JTG!”

He continues, “JTG blasted their ass on twitter and they went on damage control quick! @WWE has something to hide….”

Jossie also reiterated his stance on WWE’s perceived mistreatment of legendary broadcaster Jim Ross. In response to a message stating, “I also like how [WWE] have anti-bullying campaigns, yet they treat Jim Ross like shit,” he wrote, “Jim Ross is a human being not a animal. They don’t give a fuck about people except when they buy tickets and PPV’s!!”

Jossie plans to give interviews as soon as he is legally able to. He noted, “I’m gonna do interviews soon. Im in some red tape right now but as soon as I’m cleared. I’m bringing down the house!”

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